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Welcome to, your entry point to organizations and individuals who are involved with Dowsing in Canada.

You are invited to read an explanation of how Dowsing works, to learn of its many uses, to contact Dowsing groups in your area so that you can develope your own Dowsing abilities, to discuss Dowsing matters with others worldwide, and to access the services of Professional Dowsers.

Enjoy !
This page is maintained by The Holistic Intuition Society.

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Winston Churchill said "all people are offered help by their Intuition - but most pick themselves up and escape as fast as is possible !"

Some people are gifted with clairvoyance and other 'sixth-sense' abilities - but most of us do not have such skills. Yes, we can develope our connection by using Dowsing - also known as 'Intuition Technology' to access our Intuition 'On Demand'.

Humans can be likened to a radio transceiver, with the intuitive part of our 'mind-brain team' linked to the 'Force for Good'. It is switched ON because we are alive. But even if a radio is switched ON and tuned to a clear station, we do not hear any message without a loudspeaker.

In Dowsing, we train our nervous-muscular system to be like wires that connect the intuitive part of our 'mind-brain team' to a tool that indicates the nature of the message - to a Dowsing tool, that signals YES or NO.

Because our 'mind-brain team' is so powerful, we can program the signals to mean different things. Generally, a clock-wise circles indicates a positive response, and an anti-clock-wise circle shows a negative response. This seems to be the primary system used by the 'Force for Good'.

There is a secondary system, shown by a Pendulum swinging between a person and something else (such as food) which by swinging 'to and fro' the two indicates that the two can be well-connected; a swing parallel to the body shows that the connection is not good (do not eat it !).

We tune our receiver to a particular question by thinking clearly about the subject being queried (is the water vein potable ?). If we have great expectations of a certain outcome our logical mind may over-ride the true answer - so be sure to ask (and not influence) the question in mind.

As we develope our dowsing abilities, we can expand our programs and add additional signals (including pointing) rather like adding new programs to a computer. And like the operator of a computer, we can choose which program to use at any time, or change the tool in hand - similar to using a screen, a printer, or a loud speaker for the output device.

The 'mind-brain team' of humans may be the most powerful device in the universe - and if we learn how to use it for good we can acheive wonders. I have written a booklet on How to ask questions and get true answers from "YOUR PENDULUM", most of which can be viewed on the web. Printed booklets are available for a small price.

Namaste         John Living
Professional Engineer, Webmaster.

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Many ladies 'use' a needle on a thread to ask the sex of an unboarn child; on a buiding site you will often see men using bits of bent wire to locate pipes and cables; and for centuries farmers have used forked sticks to decide where to drill a well. They are all Dowsing.

Many health practioners test the strength in a patient's arm, or use a mental screen as a gauge to ask if they are correct without any obvious external sign ! Charts are often used to indicate the cause of sickness and show which supplements are needed - and the strengths and dosages can be obtained.

Prospectors can Dowse on a map to find where to find oil, precious stones, or artifacts - doing this at a distance, and then finding the precise loactions by Dowsing 'on site'.

Many cases of disease are caused by earth energies - these, and other problems, can be identified, located, and their effects overcome by the use of Dowsing. Perhaps over half of all illnesses are due directly to such energies or to the weakening of immune systems to allow viruses, etc., to take effect.

There are many cases where missing persons and items have been found, and skilled Dowsers can even control the location of water veins and the quality of water going into a well.

A beginner should not expect to be able to be a 'Master Dowser' immediately - but if you invest your time and effort there is no reason why you cannot improve your skills and abilities. It is as simple as learning to ride a bicycle - and there are many Dowsers who will be pleased to help you - look in the section covering organizations for contacts near you.

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The Holistic Intuition Society Our aim is to help you develop your Intuitive abilities and guide you to use them to help others.

Canadian Society of Dowsers Presently has 'Associated Groups' (aka chapters) in Ontario - runs an annual convention in Toronto each June.

Canadian Society of Questers Presently has chapters in British Columbia and the Prairies, holds an annual convention in 100 Mile House each September.

Les Sourciers du Quebec en collaboration avec Association Radionique du Quebec.
Chapters en St.Jerome (450)431-7355 et Quebec (418)884-3135. por information

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Free to join - connects Dowsers over the whole world !

Just send an email message to "". The main body and the subject header should be left blank, and any signature file should be omitted.

You will receive a confirmation message, to which you MUST respond - to confirm that you yourself wish to join.

This is a marvellous way for all Dowsers to exchange ideas and stories with an immediate world-wide audience and band of helpers ! Even if you are distant from a physical Dowsing club, this is one that you can join (and enjoy) on your computer !

The American Society of Dowsers Their home page.
An entry point for many interesting dowsing sites. This organization has many branches in the United States.

Asociación Argentina de Radiestesia - Juan Carlos Russo secretario ejecutivo de la Asociación Argentina de Radiestesia, le informo que nuestra intención es crear un foro Panamericano de Radiestesistas, por lo que estamos ayudando a que se constituyan Asociaciones o grupos en los distintos paises de habla hispana.

The British Society of Dowsers Their home page. An entry point for many interesting dowsing sites.
Investigate their Earth Energies Group - covers events and links, plus a forum for posting comments and questions, and a newsletter section that offers articles with Dowsing expertize - and information that you can download !
Fascinating site, well worth visiting !

Ozark Research Institute Inc. run by Harold McCoy, Past President of ASD.
A non-profit, tax exempt membership organization with over 1600 members in 8 countries, who are interested in distant and hands on healing research and other mind phenomena. Membership is open to everyone who has an interest in the abilities of the mind.

Radionic Association The technique of healing using extrasensory perception (e.s.p.) and an instrument.
Dr Tony Scofield, is Chairman. Radionics is not directed at the physical body so much as at the subtle energy fields, those fields undetected by the normal senses but which support life and are essential for its functioning. The patient can be with the practitioner or many miles away - distance is irrelevant.

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