The Assemblage Beam

The Assemblage Beam is the conduit of Life Force and has a major influence on a person’s personality and behaviour, and if not corrected may prevent any improvement.

The point of entry should be centered, and the angle of the beam should be at right angles to the body. Usually the centre is slightly higher in females than in males. These are located towards the upper and lower limits of the small circle in the centre of the diagram.

The beam itself, about 2 yards (or 2 metres) in total length, must be straight, without bends, kinks, or twists, and should be of equal lengths back and front of the body. Entry below ‘The Gap’ indicates approaching death. The diameter of the beam increases with spiritual advancement,and may also increase in length.

The first person to publicize the Assemblage Point / Beam was Dr Jonathan Whale of England in his excellent book ‘The Catalyst of Power’; for more information see his website:

Very few people are aware of the Assemblage Beam, and most of the therapists who have some knowledge require the person to be present for treatment, using crystals to make changes.

Our aproach is very different ! We work miles away, with the help of Angelic Beings to examine a person's Assemblage Beam and to make corrections.

Most therapists are concerned only with the angle and point of entry - we have found numerous cases where the Assemblage Beam is kinked, bent or twisted, and have had great success in getting the needed corrections made.

In our experience many problems with the Assemblage Beam are the result of childhood abuse causing severe trauma.

The examination and corrections mentioned are part of our exorcism service.

For more information about the Assemblage Point/Beam see John Whale Medical

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